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Budget member


Budget member

1.Prepare the materials and master plan of the project,including the specifications,models and materials of the materials.In the material master plan,the main material shall be prepared according to the position,and the consumable material shall be prepared according to the project.
2.Be responsible for the preparation of construction drawing,settlement and quantity analysis of the project,and the compilation and review of project subcontracting and labor settlement.
3.Prepare monthly project progress budget and material adjustment(according to the market price provided by the material personnel or the actual price provided by the financial department)and timely report to the relevant departments for approval.
Job specification
1.College degree or above,at least 2 years working experience in the same position;
2.Love the construction industry,work seriously and responsibly,honest and steady,can bear hardships and stand hard work,have strong communication skills and team spirit;Practical,diligent,with good professional dedication and professional ethics;
3.Those with intermediate professional title of engineering or above and relevant professional qualification are preferred;
4.Conditions can be appropriately relaxed for inter-disciplinary talents with outstanding performance and ability.
Welfare treatment
1.The salary standard shall be determined and implemented according to the working ability of the individual and with reference to the standard of Staff Post Performance Salary of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group.Specific negotiable.Once hired,the probation period is 3 months.
2.Rest,leave and other related matters of employees shall be implemented in accordance with the relevant management system of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group.
1. Resume and Works
2. Telephone:029-82460040(Mr Wu)
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