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Shaanxi media network to my group "electrician skill contest" on the spot report

Shaanxi media network news(reporter Chen Mingshun)June 19,by the Shaanxi five construction group company four company branch safety production group and 12 companies jointly organized by the electrical skills competition competition in the city of Chang'an project.
The purpose of this skill competition is to implement the theme spirit of"Strengthening the concept of safe development and improving the safety quality of the whole people"of Work Safety Month,and to carry forward the understanding of all employees on"Great Power Style and Craftsman Spirit",so that they can have a clearer understanding of themselves while improving their professional level.And for the four company's young staff group to create a"compare,learn,catch up,help,super"good working atmosphere.
At a summary meeting after the competition,Li Xishou,deputy director of the Safety Supervision Department of the Group Corporation,said that the competition really showed the current skill level of young people.Although some steps were a little tense,they still showed a solid skill base.He stressed to all the young employees that they should bring the level of competition into their daily work in the future and improve their safety technology while improving their business ability.
Liang Baozhen group co.,LTD.,deputy general manager said,the success of the four companies and twelve this contest hold special significance for group company,first of all,for the group company has established a benchmark skills contest,and also takes root the solid foundation for the construction of safety culture,make group company in the future skills contest have substantial data and experience.
Liu Ying,the general manager assistant of the group company and manager of the four companies,said that the electrician skills competition provided a powerful display platform for the contestants,and made all the observing personnel get full learning,and also provided a good method for how to improve the management level of a few types of work in the future.

(Content from Shaanxi Media Network)

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