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Tell the Five Construction Stories and Spread the Voice of the Five Construction Group -- The trade union of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group holds a speech contest for workers

Show the most beautiful demeanor,tell the story around.On the morning of 22nd,the speech contest of the trade union workers of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group was held in Xi'an headquarters and Shenzhen second headquarters at the same time.Forty speakers from 15 grassroots units,with the development process of enterprises in recent years as the main theme,and advanced examples that they have experienced and heard as the material,told us the impressive"five construction stories"that happened around them.
Shi Yahui,Director of Party and Government Office of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group,Huang Fenghui,Minister of Human Resources,Zhao Zhijiang,Secretary of Party Branch of a company,Zhu Dandong,Secretary of Youth League Committee,and Zhang Yichen,Deputy Director of Party and Government Office of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group served as judges of the competition.Shi Jingjun,secretary of Discipline Inspection Commission of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group,was invited to attend the competition and served as a judge.
Before the competition,Chen Xihong,vice chairman of the trade union of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group and director of women workers,gave a brief explanation on the preparation for the competition.It is worth mentioning that,in order to enrich the spiritual and cultural life of the workers in the Greater Bay Area and to explore the stories of the Five Construction Workers who overcame all difficulties and overcame all difficulties in their journey to the south,the competition will be held in Shenzhen to simultaneously tell the pioneering deeds of those"pioneers of the Greater Bay Area"who braved the wind and waves with perseverance and perseverance.
"Here,there are a group of people who build'thousands of mansions'.They are not afraid of the difficulties and obstacles of construction and production,and they are not afraid of the loneliness and loneliness of wandering in different places.They express their sincere love for the construction industry with their sense of responsibility,and fulfill their vow of'working hard in youth without complaint or regret'with their loyalty.It is them that let me gain confidence and strength!"The speech of Liu Changliang from 9 company,"Even though the trials and hardships are still as young as fire",combined with his own work experience since entering the five construction,with touching story and appeal,full of passion speech style,opened the prelude to the speech competition.
With their impassioned voices,the contestants vividly told the growth stories of each qualified architect in the first line of the project,as well as the ordinary but inspiring"five construction stories".Some prelude to compete advantages and overcome the difficult of site management team for the material,some are in a line on the position of dedicated staff members as the material,one by one,everything advanced deeds,expounds every little in the process of casting the great ideal,simple and hard,shows every dream as a horse writing mood WuJian people in positions of holding and effort.
Shi Yahui,Director of the Party and Government Office,made comments on behalf of the judges.He congratulated all the contestants on their achievements and exchanged views on speech skills,speech forms and background setting.He hoped that in the future speech competitions,the contestants could continue to improve themselves,improve their speech skills and achieve better results.
Through the on-site judges'rating and evaluation,a total of 12 contestants from Xi'an and Shenzhen came to the top.Among them,Zhang Zheng from Xi'an headquarters won the first prize,Qiao Lei,Chen Quanlin,Li Taiyan won the second prize,Gong Xue,Hu Wei,Xue Han won the third prize.Li Ziqin of the Shenzhen Second Headquarters won the first prize,Lei Fanjing and Si Minghui won the second prize,Zhang Yan and Wu Qiange won the third prize.
Shi Jingjun,secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group,made a concluding speech,in which he affirmed the performance of all the contestants and expressed his gratitude to the two-level trade union organizations that have made great efforts to carry out the activity.According to the secretary of history,there are more stories to be told than the stories we have told today.The inner spirit of each story is worth learning and propagating by the five builders.I hope you can continue to explore the positive energy and moving stories of the"Five Jian Family",which are based on their own duty and willing to contribute.With the influence of the"Five Jian Family",we can stimulate the enthusiasm and creativity of labor,and spread and create a positive energy atmosphere of working and entrepreneurship.And I hope all the staff can continue to work hard to make the"Five Construction Story"more abundant and more wonderful.
The speech contest is one of the series activities of"celebrating the 70th anniversary of the founding of Shaanxi Construction Group",and it is also an important carrier for the trade union to"tell the story of Shaanxi Construction Group and spread the voice of Shaanxi Construction Group"with specific activities.In the later stage,the trade union of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group will continue to carry out a series of cultural activities with the purpose of"cultural activities into the project colorful double headquarters",enrich the spiritual and cultural life of workers,guide workers to live up to the time and forge ahead,and compose the five construction creativity together.

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