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The trade union of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group held a working meeting

Recently,Shaanxi construction five construction group trade union in the headquarters of the conference room on the sixth floor held a trade union work meeting.More than 30 trade union cadres from two levels attended the meeting,and Chen Xihong,vice chairman of the trade union,presided over the meeting.
At the beginning of the meeting,Chen Xihong,vice chairman of the trade union of the group company,led the participants to learn the key points of the Communique of the Fourth Plenary Session of the 19th CPC Central Committee,and made an important speech after learning.She stressed that we should combine the actual work of the department,carry out in-depth discussions,unify our thoughts and actions to a series of major decisions and deployments made by the plenary session,remember our original aspiration,keep our mission in mind,work down-to-earth and forge ahead,and make overall plans for next year's work with the promotion of key work at the end of the year.
Then the chairman of the trade union of the first company,the second company,the third company,the twelfth company and the third engineering department learned and shared on the staff health management of Shaanxi Drum Group.After the sharing,the participants discussed the health management plan of employees of the group company.After that,the grass-roots units reported the mental health training conducted by the trade union of the group recently.Finally,the vice chairman of the trade union Chen Xihong made arrangements for the recent work of the trade union of the group,focusing on the requirements for the report of the proposal collection form of the congress,the implementation of the work of the difficult workers,the overall arrangement and deployment of the workers'artistic performances,the summary and assessment of the work at the end of the year,the training of the workers'representatives and so on.She hoped that the chairmen of the trade union could attach great importance to the completion of all the work in strict accordance with the time node,and at the same time,communicate and solve the related demands of the workers and the stability maintenance work of migrant workers at the end of the year.In the following work,we will enhance our sense of responsibility and mission,and embody the value of the trade union organization with real work results and real responsibility,and strive to build the trade union organization into a strong position and warm home to connect,unite and serve the workers.

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