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The trade union of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group organized the 2019 employee representative training

In order to effectively improve the quality of employee representatives and their ability to participate in management,better safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of employees,and promote the promotion of democratic management of enterprises,on the afternoon of November 29,the trade union of the group company organized the 2019 annual employee representative training in the training room on the fourth floor.Two-level trade union cadres and more than 60 workers from the project frontline representatives attended the training.
The training specially invited Xu Fuquan,chairman of Shaanxi Construction Trade Union,to give a lecture,covering four parts:"the knowledge outline of enterprise democratic management,the construction of enterprise democratic management system,the performance of employee representatives'duties,and the thinking and inspiration of enterprise democratic management".
Training,chairman xu management.but,with specific examples to explain"the body of the enterprise democratic management,operation main body,the main responsibility(subject),enterprise democratic management system,the method,the worker representative responsibilities and proposal work content,program",etc.,and detailed interpretation of the relevant laws and regulations and regulatory documents.
After the training,Mr.Xu,accompanied by Mr.Fan Hai,Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission of the Group,Chairman of the Trade Union,and Mr.Chen Xihong,Vice Chairman of the Trade Union,visited the exhibition hall of the enterprise and watched the enterprise propaganda film,and had a comprehensive understanding of the development history and strategic principles of the Five Construction Group.At the same time,Chairman Xu also highly praised the fruitful development achievements of the Five Construction Group.
Representatives said that through learning and training,to further understand the significance of the congress and tasks,enterprises and workers given the mission and responsibility,will continue to strengthen learning,improve the ability to perform their duties,better for the development of the enterprise suggestions and suggestions.

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