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Zhang Guijin, director of Shaanxi Construction Group, and his delegation visited the Five Construction Group for inspection and guidance

On June 11th,Zhang Guijin,director of Shaanxi Construction Group,and his delegation visited the Five Construction Group to inspect and guide the enterprise's production safety management system,economic responsibility system of project management,project sealing and centralized procurement.Feng Mi,Party Secretary and Chairman of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group,team members and personnel from relevant functional departments attended the meeting.
The inspection team reviewed the management information ledger of the relevant functional departments in detail,and conducted in-depth communication with the personnel of the functional departments around the business development,bright spot measures and other contents.
After that,Chairman Feng Mi reported to the inspection team the production safety management system,project management economic responsibility system,project closure and centralized procurement and other related work of WuJian Group.Inspection team experts for the business situation,work highlights,existing problems for on-site comments and guidance.
Zhang Guijin,director of Shaanxi Construction Group,made an important speech.He first affirmed the overall development of the Five Construction Group,that the management system is sound and standardized,in Shaanxi Construction Group in the forefront.Around the inspection work,he suggested:first,the production management system,to be high risk projects as the focus of the project;Participate in the revision and improvement of the production management system of Shaanxi Construction Group,and share the excellent experience.Second,in terms of safety management,we should enhance the awareness of safety management and strengthen the awareness of migrant workers.Safety responsibility should be divided and compacted to form a regular report system for safety inspection.Third,the project target responsibility system,he stressed the timeliness of phased implementation,to further improve and revise the target responsibility system.Fourth,in terms of sealing and centralized procurement,he pointed out that the relevant requirements of Shaanxi Construction Group should continue to be strictly implemented.
Chairman Feng Mi expressed his gratitude to the inspection team in his statement.He required relevant functional departments to conduct self-inspection,formulate corrective measures and actively implement the inspection results in combination with the inspection situation.At the same time,he hoped that relevant departments should strengthen communication and learning with Shaanxi Construction Group and its brothers,respond to the group's requirements,realize excellent experience sharing,and contribute to the development of Shaanxi Construction Group.

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