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Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group held the Commendation Conference of "Striving for Excellence" and the activities to celebrate the first anniversary of the establishment of Shenzhen Second Headquarters

On July 1st,the Commendation Conference and the Celebration of the 1st Anniversary of Shenzhen Second Headquarters of Shaanxi Construction Group was held in Shenzhen.Shaanxi Construction Group Party Committee Standing Committee,Deputy General Manager Lei Xiaoyi attended and made a speech.More than 100 people attended the meeting,including Feng Mi,Party Secretary and Chairman of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group,members of the leading group,department heads,managers and secretaries of grass-root units,as well as advanced representatives who were honored.Deputy Party Secretary,General Manager Li Xiangyang and other team members and the majority of cadres and workers in the headquarters of Xi'an by video to participate in the meeting.Secretary of the Discipline Inspection Commission,the chairman of the trade union Fan Hai presided over the meeting.
Lei Xiaoyi,Member of the Standing Committee of the Party Committee of Shaanxi Construction Group and Deputy General Manager of Shaanxi Construction Group,congratulated the Fifth Construction Group on its achievements and put forward four requirements.First,it is necessary to enhance its confidence in advantages,further accelerate the development speed of Shenzhen Greater Bay Area,and strive to achieve greater breakthroughs.Second,lay a solid foundation for management,make up for weaknesses,improve business management and control ability,strengthen risk prevention awareness,and comprehensively improve quality development level.Third,we must strengthen Party building,constantly uphold and fulfill our mission,and always live up to our original aspiration and mission.Fourth,improve the well-being of workers,improve the happiness index,and build a harmonious and stable development situation.
Feng Mi,Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of the Board,extended festive greetings to all CPC members and expressed his gratitude to the Five Builders who have made positive contributions to the development of Shenzhen Second Headquarters in the past year.He also congratulated the awarded advanced collectives and individuals.He reviewed the development course of the second headquarters in Shenzhen one week after its establishment and highly affirmed the achievements made.
Chairman Feng Mi put forward four requirements for the work in the second half of the year:First,emancipate the mind and strengthen the Nantuo Bay Area.First,we should carry forward the"spirit of moving west"and make the overall situation become the spiritual root of enterprises'"going global".Second,we need to promote the"spirit of moving west"and make hard work a bright background for enterprises to"go global".The second initiative as an active second venture.First,firmly develop the confidence of the Second Headquarters;Second,firm determination to develop the Greater Bay Area market;Third,the firm to do Liangwan District brand perseverance;Fourth,we will firmly return to the workers in the Bay Area.Third,firm target,maintain headquarters development.First,we should firm up the Xi'an market;Second,we will continue to promote institutional reform.Third,we will fully stimulate the vitality of talents.Fourth,we should shoulder our responsibilities and strengthen Party building.First,consolidate the responsibility of party building;Second,play a leading role;Third,to strengthen the cadre team;Fourth,improve the style of work;Fifth,we will tighten political discipline.
The congress commended five"Four Good"leading groups,four advanced Party organizations,four demonstration sites for Party construction and outstanding micro Party classes,30 outstanding Communist Party members and six outstanding Party affairs workers from 2018 to 2019,and awarded awards to the winning units,collective and individual representatives.Li Liuyi,Representative of the"Four Good"Leading Group,Liu Yubo,Representative of the Advanced Grass-root Party Organization,Li Peng,Representative of the Excellent Party Member,Yun Zibin,Secretary of the Branch of the Company Nine,and Miao Wang,Deputy Manager of Shanbei Company made exchange speeches.

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