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The "one-two punch" of the trade union of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group Company leads the fight against "epidemic" to help resume work again


The "one-two punch" of the trade union of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group Company leads the fight against "epidemic" to help resume work again

Recently,facing the critical period of epidemic prevention and control of the project resumption of work after the holiday,the trade union of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group actively plays its role,puts the health and safety of employees first,and makes every effort to fight the epidemic with"full fire",and does its best to improve the"immunity"of the project resumption of work and production at the grassroots level.Contribute"trade union strength"for the prevention and control of the epidemic and the realization of the double victory of the Group's business and development goals.
One is to report employee information online in real time.Group of trade unions in accordance with the requirements for higher level trade union,the grassroots units all employees information statistics,one by one MoPai,a comprehensive grasp the number of employees to work,not to work,the Spring Festival go out personnel number status,contact with SARS epidemic area,and personal health condition,ready to control from the source,to ensure accurate screening in place,the situation for the project to return to work smoothly do their homework and a firm foundation.
Second,we should start from the"head".After returning to work,the trade union of the group company learned that due to the need of joint prevention and control during the epidemic,many stores could not operate normally,and hairdressing was a worry for many gay men,so it took active action to contact professional hairdressers to provide hairdressing services for workers.Staff actively participate in,responded enthusiastically,"and says fully felt the warmth and care,for now,this activity on each line to return to work and production and project personnel on duty was still hot,ensure completely remove trouble back at home,for the worker let a worker to clear image and moved into return to work and production work.
Third,timely release and sharing of epidemic prevention information.After the outbreak of the epidemic spread,the union took active actions and responded quickly.It updated the WeChat official account every day,and timely released information on health and epidemic prevention knowledge,policy interpretation,epidemic prevention trends,and company policies and measures.Educate and guide workers to correctly understand and respond to the epidemic,at the same time in the trade union chairman group urge the trade union chairman as an active,play a role in the implementation of health protection measures for the workers.Make labor union efforts to stabilize workers'thoughts and workers'emotions.
Fourth,donate materials to improve the"immunity"of the project.Since the outbreak of COVID-19 virus,epidemic prevention materials have become scarce.The Trade Union of the Group actively cares about the front-line workers,coordinates internal and external resources,comprehensively mobilizes the power of the masses,and tries every means to purchase epidemic prevention materials for the workers to ensure their safety and health.On March 5th,Fan Hai,Chairman of the Trade Union of the Group Company,led Chen Xihong,Vice Chairman of the Trade Union,Zong Yulian,Minister of the Department of Supervision and Audit,and other people paid a visit to the key projects of the resumption of work and production and inspected the epidemic prevention work.Condolences group behavior one line project personnel sent to mask respectively,disinfectant supplies,disposable gloves,sprayer epidemic prevention,and further enrich the front-line units at the grass-roots level and epidemic prevention materials of reserves,at the same time,to keep a record of various projects department disinfection management,canteen measures and return to work of personnel entering and leaving detailed inspections and anti-epidemic measures such as isolation,The mental outlook and working state of the employees since they returned to work were investigated.At the same time,from the perspective of the trade union,the opinions and suggestions needed by the trade union to coordinate and solve various projects were solicited,so that the epidemic prevention trade union would take the lead and the trade union would promote production to help.
Shan building WuJian group,the union through the"workers"difficult,"will"energy,play their own advantages,the fulfillment of serious responsibilities,the responsibility actively,attack speed,punch squeeze,hit"anti epidemic"series"combination",on the premise of guarantee worker safety of body and mind,let each one under the mask of strivers with confidence,energy,mutual play to return to work and production to be completed.
(Credit: Trade Union Ma Jianfeng)

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