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The Group's installation company held the technical exchange meeting to share BIM electromechanical deepening methods and practical experience


In order to solve the BIM application in the actual encounter in the process of construction and the optimization problem,recently,the installation company held a BIM electromechanical deepen the method and experience sharing technology exchange meeting,we invite tea corporation product deputy general,autodesk Revit global certification teacher lecturer Mr Liu Baoshi for electromechanical deepen conducted a depth,More than 30 project technicians participated in the on-site training,and more than 10 Shenzhen technicians participated in the synchronous video training.
Liu Baishi expounded the current situation and future planning of electromechanical deepening application,and focused on the electromechanical effect of BIM scene application,explained in detail the professional deepening of support and hander BIM,electromechanical digital assembly,and the use of related BIM construction planning software tools.Through a large number of cases,From the design,bidding,construction preparation,construction management in the four stages of the application process,the required tool set,points to pay attention to the system analysis.During the discussion and question-and-answer sessions,participants expressed their own opinions,saw their own shortcomings,and determined the direction of their efforts.
The installation company always attaches importance to the construction of BIM technical team and the practice of the project,and insists that BIM technology must be regarded as a core ability to support the development of the Group's main business,grasp its essence,and contribute a positive force to promote the popularization and in-depth application of BIM technology of the Group and the installation company itself.


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