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Communication to Create a Better Life Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group holds mental health training in enterprises

In order to help employees adjust their mental state,establish a positive and healthy attitude,and promote the better development of the enterprise,professional teams specially invited by the Trade Union of the Group have been touring and giving lectures in each grass-roots unit since November 6.The aim is to let the majority of enterprise employees to maintain a healthy,confident working state,mental health and psychological adjustment ability.
We learned from the training site of each grass-roots unit that the teacher started from"how to get along better with oneself,others and the world",combined with their own cases,comprehensively analyzed the profound and simple,and made the employees realize the important role that communication plays in work and life.
During the training process,the teacher answered questions and solved doubts with the on-site staff in the interactive communication,guided the staff to deal with the psychological pressure in work and life in a correct and effective way of communication,and introduced and explained the 6-3-2-1 rule,balance wheel and radar chart and other communication tools.The present staff all expressed that they benefited a lot,and hoped that such special training would be held more often,and that teachers could pair up to establish a long-term publicity and education model.
Through this training,employees have a further understanding of mental health knowledge,to enhance the communication between colleagues in the future,improve the management and coordination ability of managers play a positive role.
It is reported that in recent years,the group attaches great importance to the worker's mental health work of trade unions,in order to satisfy the demands of worker diversified services for the standard,mental health services will be sent to site and help the staff set up the correct mental health consciousness,improve the psychological adjustment and compressive ability,thus in a more healthy and upward spirit into the work and life.Next,according to the training effect,the Group Trade Union will also promote the extension of mental health services to the grass-roots level,so that more workers can benefit,and further implement the requirements of the Group Trade Union to care for workers.At the same time,the trade union of the group will continue to explore the establishment of mental health education operation mechanism suitable for the characteristics of the unit and the needs of employees,and improve the mental health service mechanism of the trade union.To meet the needs of staff for mental health services,improve the mental health security system,improve staff awareness of the importance of mental health,promote their cognition of mental health.



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