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"Entry" means "membership" -- the trade union of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group holds the initiation ceremony for new employees

"I voluntarily join the All-China Federation of Trade Unions,abide by the Constitution of the trade union,the implementation of the resolution of the trade union,and actively participate in trade union activities,to build a well-off society in an all-round way......"The powerful voice came from more than 200 young members of the Five Construction Group,facing the emblem of the trade union,they solemnly swore their membership.
In order to enhance new employees'sense of identity and belonging to the trade union,and help new employees to integrate into the enterprise as soon as possible,on August 6,the trade union of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group held an initiation ceremony for the class of 2020 new employees at the new employee training site.Explained the basic knowledge of the trade union,issued and guided the new employees to fill in the"application for membership",took the oath of membership,let the new employees really feel the warmth from the big family of the trade union,and did the"entry"that is"membership".

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