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The first "Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Cup" BIM Competition successfully concluded


The first"Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Cup"Building Information Modeling(BIM)Technology Application Competition,jointly organized by Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group and China College of Guangdong University of Technology,came to a close.The award ceremony was held in the conference room of the college on the morning of July 3rd.Chen Jianping,President of Huali College of Guangdong University of Technology,Yi Jianmin,Vice President of Huali College of Guangdong University of Technology,Wang Xuejun,Chen Jing,Vice President of College of Urban Construction,Cai Kaiwu,Secretary of Party Branch,Liang Baozhen,Deputy General Manager(Chief Engineer)of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group,Wang Rong,Deputy Director of Technology Center and other five people attended the meeting.
Full cooperation and combination of work and study
More than in the company leadership,under the support of the shenzhen administration department,group technology center,the second headquarters WuJian design institute holley college teachers and students work together,and guangdong university of technology from mid-april to plan,on May 7,finalized and began to implement competition that on July 3,the end of the game,the whole event during the outbreak.In order to ensure the smooth progress of the competition and the effective implementation of the concept of"promoting teaching through competition",the technical center of the group and the teachers and students of the school took measures such as online video training and online grading,which effectively ensured the smooth progress of the competition.
Participate actively and have a strong atmosphere
This competition is divided into knowledge competition,individual actual combat competition,team actual combat competition three groups.
More than 400 students participated in the competition,and 291 students participated in the knowledge competition group.It fully demonstrates the students'enthusiasm for BIM technology and the educational guiding ideology of Huali University based on the forefront in the field of architectural education.
Competition system is fierce and strive for success
Since the beginning of the competition on May 7th,the knowledge competition group was first carried out.After full communication with the teachers of the college,the knowledge competition had a total of 240 questions and was limited to 16 minutes.After full preparation,the competition of this group was completed on May 16th.After the individual combat,the technical center of the group worked closely with the teachers of the college to set 4 questions.The time limit was 180 minutes.The group competition was completed on May 30th.The team competition took a three-story villa as the topic.Through a combination of various software,the team finished the topic at the end of June,and the final defense was conducted by two people in July.
Through the cooperation and efforts of various parties in the past three months,the whole competition finally came to a successful conclusion on July 3.According to the selection plan,3 first prizes,8 second prizes and 13 third prizes were selected from the knowledge competition group.2 first prizes,4 second prizes and 6 third prizes were awarded in the individual combat competition group.In the team actual combat competition,1 team won the first prize,4 teams won the second prize and 6 teams won the third prize.
Perfect closing,win-win cooperation
At the award ceremony,Mr.Chen Jianping,President of Huali University,affirmed the successful holding of the competition and expressed his willingness to discuss and practice the further in-depth cooperation with Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group.
This competition is the first in-depth cooperation between Huali University and Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group since they signed the school-enterprise cooperation.It is a cooperation of preliminary integration of theoretical knowledge and practical experience,and an effective practice of"promoting teaching through competition".
Liang Baozhen,deputy general manager and chief engineer of Shaanxi Construction Five Construction Group,expressed his heartfelt congratulations to the students who achieved excellent results in the competition and his heartfelt thanks to the leaders and teachers of Huali University.The competition reflects the teaching philosophy of Hualie University,which is based on the leading edge of the industry.The enterprise and the college have conducted in-depth discussion and cooperation in the joint training of practical talents,hoping to cultivate more practical talents for the society through school-enterprise cooperation and reflect the social responsibility of state-owned enterprises.
School-enterprise cooperation is an extension of our group's"win-win"concept.With the competition as the media,the college,the enterprise and the students will benefit,and finally achieve a win-win situation.


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